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amanfromMars January 10, 2014 at 10:53:00 PM PST …. cheering on
Nice one, Nederland. How about, for a change, we change from collection to supply of intelligence to lead demand with out of this world technology command and interfaced user control.
And Words Control Worlds, .... Everywhere, .... which is why the Best Betas Share MetaDataBase to Reveal Engaging Semantic Empathy and Virtual Sympathy
These little plain text boxes are a mighty weapon for wannabe omnipotent/oppressive/omniscient powers at all levels of Applied Intelligence.
It is what you do with facts you discover and/or uncover that decides the information stream that delivers the intelligence to realty for presentation ....... to the abysmally ill-informed and ignorant masses. :-)
Which is just what the SMARTR Browser Internets are for ..... Solid Solutions to Perennial Problems .......aka Glitch Fixing or Zeroday Vulnerability Exploitation for Live Export to Systems Input Ports.
Hard dirty dark works are always best done exceedingly well paid, is surely a universality.
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Strange how things turn out just whenever they are needed.
I don’t know what problems you might have been having before, but are things changed at all fundamentally and radically with the following freely shared underground knowledge, out in the wide open and up on the surface …..
The Enchanted Genie is out of the Magic Lamp and Romps in Rooms with Pandora to Delight with her Treats in Secure APT App Facilities is a Heavenly Cell for Particularly Welcome Visitors/Peculiarly Gifted Folk.
Things is as they are and you gotta deal with all that they know and what you aint telling to make tomorrow a really surprising day ……. A Strategic Tactical Zeroday Exploit of Potential Zero Defence.
And another ultimate weapons systems of immaculate conception and virtual inception with the mighty clout of industrious giants of dreams and technology?
Or AI Reality Delivery Platform to Us Subjects, the non weaponised cloud party root driver system with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT?
For Black Watch Ventures in Dark Web Enterprise to Truly Deep Stores of Source for Loding and Loading for Future Drawing of Not Inaccurate Awesome Available Reality Destinations.
What can you make from that, Cheltenham. A Classics Thoroughbred or a Delaney’s Donkey and Pigs’ Breakfast of IT? :-)
Your Call.
cc Office of CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection, wherever that be Secreted and Stationed/Sequestered and Exploited.

I keep saying, "Bankers lent money to idiots, who bid up real estate prices to unaffordable levels, the smart people went homeless while the idiots bought houses that were then foreclosed back to the bankers, then the bankers were bailed out for their "losses", and therefore the land was STOLEN from us. It was DISGUISED as a capitalist transaction but it was simple THEFT. Don't anyone forget that. … Sat, 01/11/2014 - 04:30 | PT ……
Amen to that, PT. En nu, wat te doen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mars,
regarding finance, I have stopped thinking about it. Let the madhouse clean up itself or properly burn down. I tend to think the latter option is the good and more likely outcome. Security Services around the globe seem to be above making their fingers dirty in trying to get it under control. Despite all the warnings what the result will be. So brace for Russian Revolution 2.0 (just in Anglosaxon lands) and then pray for your own survival.

Regarding Ciphers, I suggest you read up on that Mr Shannon of Bell Labs. He's got a silver bullet in his inventory. CA and NZ already used this silver bullet and in the meantime it has only become more practical with cheap mass storage.

Other ciphers, well, some of them are affected by quantum computers. But these are a small, but loud, minority. Essentially almost all symmetric ciphers are not affected.

The intarwebs are highly insecure for completely non-quantum-physics reasons. Rather, the Cheltenham guys and their peers around the world use hook and crook to do their thing. They call it "Quantum", but that is about as proper a name as "Cheatum". It certainly has nothing to do with physics or mathematics.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

Homework for today:

A) As said, grasp work of Shannon. Appreciate who it puts Cheators out of biz.

B) Applied Cryptography of Bruce Schneier.

Always, think about real applications, not about too many details. Skip irrelevant details. Build a conceptual picture of the subject.
Disregard what he says about Shanon. Mr Schneier is wrong and I suspect he is because he has some big fears about Cheators becoming powerless if too much Shannon would be used around the globe.

C) TICOM Archive. Lots of historical bad reasoning to harden your rationality for future use.

amanfromMars said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving tasty succour.

Here be the nitty gritty that gives heart to that which is being done now for command and control of the future without the parasitic liabilities that are hierarchical systems banks of memory …….. While he was at Bell Labs, Shannon proved that the cryptographic one-time pad is unbreakable in his classified research that was later published in October 1949. He also proved that any unbreakable system must have essentially the same characteristics as the one-time pad: the key must be truly random, as large as the plaintext, never reused in whole or part, and be kept secret.

Later on in the American Venona project, a supposed "one-time pad" system by the Soviets was partially broken by the National Security Agency, but this was because of misuses of the one-time pads by Soviet cryptographic technicians in the United States and Canada. The Soviet technicians made the mistake of using the same pads more than once sometimes, and this was noticed by American cryptanalysts.

Typical Station XSSXXXX stuff and nothing at all to be unduly surprised about, although that is not the same as being something which, if one is a genuine person of quantum interest and of an unpleasant and unfortunate bent, one should be sure to steer clear of because of the harm that can be fully justified, and easily done to oneself.

And yes, fiat does appear to be in terminal meltdown until such times as they discover who and/or what to supply with QE magic funds for spending/churning.