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Are there any penalties for running a pub without a license? Jail time/exemplary fines etc etc. or is it just a slap on the wrist?
And have they been paid, for Belfast Telegraph informs us that the Crown Bar is ready to open again and start trading .......
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Softly softly, catchee everything ..... is a sharp double edged sword.*
This is what BlackBerry needs to be doing right now. .... JBarry Posted Thursday 16th January 2014 01:00 GMT
What makes you not think that they have already done it, JBarry?
It is not as if it would be anything anyone clever would be telling the world and his dogs of war about, is it?
* To spin the yarn and try to create the impression and perception that one is collecting base source and analysing all metadata and reprogramming everything in light of what one is supposed to have discovered, delivers one's intelligence services capabilities, or lack of intelligent service capability, to all and sundry in the universe by means of what the browser displays as new news to consider [such as the likes of the tales shared here on El Reg] for each and every new day with its attendant breaking zeroday vulnerabilities to exploit. It is the gift which just cannot stop itself and just keeps on giving.

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Just desserts, an unnecessary evil or great force for good?
I agree, although there is a flaw in that proof is not needed if you're dragged in front of one of the secret "courts" that our governments now run. In that case, the metadata will probably be enough (and, to be fair, they'll probably lock you up even without that much evidence, as so many people in Guantanamo have discovered). The fact that we're being governed by secret organizations is at least as big a problem as anything the terrorists are doing not least because these secret organizations are largely responsible for recruiting and motivating more terrorists. Without Blair and Campbell's minuteless meetings of "Intelligence Heads" there would have been no 7/7 bombings in London. .... Robert Long 1 Posted Thursday 16th January 2014 08:55 GMT
What do you think terrorists will do whenever they learn that the likes of a Blair and a Campbell are directly responsible for their plight, Robert Long 1? And should they do whatever they would propose to do?
And here be something today, about something from ages ago, which agrees wholeheartedly with your post ......
It be an inescapable fact, that whenever that which be perceived and/or named by the system to be an enemy of states and/or the status quo, knows the system, does the system leadership have zero chance of surviving in anything like its present phorms with current players.
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Re: Just desserts, an unnecessary evil or great force for good? ... @dogged
Re: Just desserts, an unnecessary evil or great force for good?
I understood that.
Are you ill? .... dogged Posted Thursday 16th January 2014 12:54 GMT
Doing just fine, dogged. Thanks for asking.
I like to think that one is getting smarter whenever one starts to understand things that before may have been incomprehensible to one. :-)
And as more and more information is dumped around the world in an instant, for anyone with any number of increasingly simply complex devices to pick up, is intelligence bound to dramatically improve and spread, and cause any system which has stupid dirty little secrets to hide to self-implode and collapse.
Such is only natural.
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If loose lips, sink ships ...... keeping schtum is sound official government advice and smart policy
Is there not a right in the UK to remain silent ..... "You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence." ..... or is that a fiction and for real only in films and television and media?
And whereas it may be the case that others have noted that perhaps GCHQ made a strategic decision not to expose its capabilities in this area, John, others would counter and posit that probably GCHQ made a strategic decision not to expose its weaknesses in areas and arenas in which they might be presumed/assumed or assume and presume themselves to be in the lead and in charge/command and control.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you deleted my post on your plain text cipher you have been using on the internet.

You then replied that one should read news articles encrypted in this plain text cipher at

Let me ask you a direct question: Do you really think it is wise to decrypt data which when decrypted installs a Trojan horse and installs information/code you do not need / want?

That is what your asking me to do is it not?

I knew you took me for a fool but get real. Do you really think I am that stupid?

Next post for my version of information on the internet. Something that is worth something :X
-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

Here is my own version of a Trojan horse that installs information you do not want.

I figure you deserve it after using one on me for about 5 years (I have been complaining about it for about 5 years have I not?)

Start really simple plaintext TRUE Trojan horse now:
There are electrons in the nucleus of an atom. The proton which is positive has electrons in it. It has both positive and negative electrons in it. This creates a balance of sorts where there are more positive electrons (you know these to be antielectrons/positrons/positive units)than negative electrons which gives it a positive charge. The neutron is not neutral, it is slightly negative. Also containing positive and negative electrons (a balance where there are slightly more negative than positive). This means there is antimatter in a regular atom.

The antimatter atom (one where the electrons orbiting the nucleus are positive) Also contains regular electrons in the nucleus (and positive ones). Only in this one the negative proton (know to you as the antiproton) contains more negative electrons than positive. The neutron contains a balance similar to before but now has a slightly positive charge.

So now that you know your atom model is not full you can update with this information.

This would be a nice edition to the bohr atom model would it not?

Maybe Ben could update it no?

Oh one more goody. You can change an atom from being a normal atom (negative orbiting electrons) to a antimatter atom (positive orbiting electrons) using high energy gamma radiation. The atom will be stable.

How is that for a Trojan.
Talk about your technology being outed on the internet eh?

Am I the first to do this?

God, that would be UNIQ would it not?
-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

RE:"What's THAT you say? NSA, GCHQ snooping on 200 million texts a day? "

I am the only one who reads "Someone committed the act of treason"?

-Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

vibrations, ce
chain of them, and frequency rise

otherwise you'd have a queue of respectable investors right behind your door as soon as you press enter

Anonymous said...

RE:"otherwise you'd have a queue of respectable investors right behind your door as soon as you press enter"

This would imply that someone lied, or had a lack of information. People do not generally want to admit to either of those. I await the supposed funding.

Anonymous said...

err, i mean chain of atom-charging ops, not treason :)

do you find funding and treason coming together, ce? i do not... generally, with no nexpectation to hear an excuse

omg, im becoming too sensitive to letters. gotta take a break

>yo, thx 4 bowling in the crownbar, the site is fine

amanfromMars said...

Take a chill pill, Casey E. You're imagining things which just aint.